The CrossFit Learning Curve

By February 14, 2019 April 12th, 2020 No Comments

We all wish we could go back in time to a point in our lives to tell our younger selves about what is to come. I would go back just eight short years ago and tell myself about CrossFit and how it would change my life. CrossFit has done so much for me in many different ways. There are also so many things I wish I could tell my former-self before I started my fitness journey. The list could go on and on, but I was able to narrow it down to a couple big learning points.

First, the biggest learning experience that I had was, LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR! Yes, that is in capital letters because it is something many people struggle with when they start anything new. We as an American culture feel the need to be the best at everything. While this is not a problem, it can cause us to have some serious ego issues. For me it was hard to leave my ego at the door because, I came to CF as an athlete all the way to my core. Ego can be a great asset but also a negative side effect in the pursuit of perfection. When you decide to leave your ego behind you, you allow coaching in! When you allow yourself to be coached, you open yourself up to new ways of thought and training. If you are open to new ways of thoughts and training, your self-improvement will progress ten-fold.

One of the coolest things I have learned about CrossFit, it is a FAMILY! It has given me another family and a group of friends that I can always lean on. I have been in the fitness game for some time now and I can honestly say there is nothing like the community ingrained in CF. The community is world wide, not just at your local gym. I have worked out at many other CF gyms around the country and each one has its own unique community. Like a family, each gym has its jokester, drama queen, jock, patriarch, matriarch and every other personality in between. A CrossFit family is very similar for a very good reason. Everyone is there for a common reason. We each are on our own journey’s to become a better person!

The best thing I have learned since starting CF is, exercise is not always the answer! This might sound ridiculous but it is true. Exercise is a huge component of becoming fit and healthy but it is such a small piece of the puzzle. I now understand that the biggest part of becoming healthy is your ability to reflect on the world around you. When I say reflect, I mean look at the bigger picture. Think about WHY you are doing the things that you are doing and HOW you are doing them. This will have an impact on your overall outlook on your well-being and more importantly, your happiness! And HAPPY is HEALTHY.

I hope is that you can take what I have already learned and use it for yourself! We are all on our own journeys for our own reasons. Our reasons may differ but our resolve is the same. We want to live long, healthy and happy lives. Don’t rush the journey!