More than JUST a Workout

By March 15, 2019 April 12th, 2020 No Comments

After being in the fitness industry for over a decade you learn many things. You learn that every body moves differently. You learn some people LOVE to work out, and some people do it because it is good for them (but they really don’t like it). You also learn that every workout is more than JUST a workout! Workouts are loaded with many different thoughts and lessons we can learn from. Most of the time they are more than just about fitness and wellness. Workouts teach us to be humble in many ways. They also help us realize what is really important. And probably the coolest thing they do is, help us realize what we are actually capable of.

Fitness is extremely humbling in for a lot of us. This does not have to mean CrossFit, it can be kick boxing, running, swimming, etc. It is humbling because we may see a workout that looks like something we should crush, then it crushes us. Maybe you sign up for a 5k run, after your done it feels like someone took your lunch money. Working out lets us know where we are at physically and mentally. When we are humbled by fitness in some regard, it is not a bad thing at all. It is actually a HUGE learning experience!

Working out also really helps us look at what is really important. Most of us that workout are competitive in some way, shape or form (yes we are!). I hear it all the time, “I am not competitive” but then two seconds later the same person is telling me how the person next to them beat them by two reps. You are competitive! Which makes it even harder to take a step back and realize what is really important. It is not the person next to you, not the leaderboard and it is not the weight you move. It is always about YOU! It is about your goals and how you need to get there. The weight you move, your time for the workout, the person next to you do not dictate your goals and where you are at! Remember this the next time you are frustrated with a workout or someone else.

When you realize that the workouts you do are about you it allows us to learn what we are actually capable of! We as human beings are capable of so much. Fitness allows us to realize that whether it is physical or mental. Working out teaches us that we are more powerful than we can imagine. It might be getting your first pull up, your first two double unders or realizing that you CAN workout and live a healthy lifestyle. We are capable of much more than we give ourselves credit for. Realizing this can help change your mindset immensely!