Athlete Spotlight

March Athlete Spotlight

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This month’s spotlight is none other than the, Tiffany Mass! Tiff has been around KCF for quite sometime. Read on to check out her story!

Q- When did you start at Kato CrossFit?

A- I started KCF in September of 2014

Q- What is your “WHY”?

A- I have so many WHYs! For the most part as someone who is in recovery from drugs and alcohol I need a rush of chemical that will not get me arrested. ☺ Working out in early sobriety really helped restore my sanity. Exercise was a healthy coping mechanism for me and is now a part of my regular mental health maintenance. When I first got sober I worked out at the Y and FF10 for a bit but I always felt self-conscience at those places because I had no idea what I was doing. I enjoyed running too because I did not need any equipment. My knee started to give me problems so the running did not last long.

When I was encouraged by a friend to check out KCF I was scared at first – if FF10 made me feel self-conscience then this place would be really bad. Quite the opposite. I found my home at KCF!! I know the importance of fellowship, I learned it in recovery. People need people to be successful, to be happy and to survive this crazy thing we call life! I found my people. KCF is not just a place to go workout – it is a place to laugh, cry, to celebrate and support each other, to discover strengths and abilities and so much more. I have lived a part of my life where I did not invite much positivity. I have been homeless, friendless, close to death and hopeless more times than I care to remember. I was missing many things in my life for a long time. One of those things, truly vital for overcoming– the mindset to WORK HARD for what you want. That spark was ignited in early recovery and discovering KCF added a whole other layer to that. I found the desire to work hard and now had the people in my corner rooting me on! Boom! I felt so wonderful to have this switch turned on inside me. I felt like I deserve this! I deserve these cheerleaders! I deserve to feel good about myself!

Fast forward a few years and now I am a mother. I am a role model for this little human who watches everything I do. I want my son to know how to work hard for what he wants. To know he has to earn it – nothing worth having is just handed over. I also want him to have respect for his body – to take care of it, to fuel it, and to stay active. I want him to respect all body types and know what healthy looks like. I love that I am part of a fitness community where he is welcome. He sees his parents working out and enjoying it! When people ask me WHY do you do that – it looks crazy plus it’s so expensive! I tell them that finding out what my body is capable of is empowering not crazy. Putting a price tag on relationships is crazy!!

Q- Would you rather be famous when you are alive and forgotten when you die or unknown when you are alive but famous after you die?

A- I would definitely rather be unknown while alive and famous after I die. I would want to watch down (or look up at ☺) all the people talking about me and enjoy the fame from that view.

Q- Have your goals changed?

A- My goals have definitely changed after becoming a mom. It’s not all about the gainz anymore but consistency (I still struggle). As a 40-something mom I am realistic about my time limitations and abilities so I just want to get to the gym several times a week and not eat like and asshole. ☺

Q- Would you rather never use social media sites / apps again or never watch another movie or TV show?

A- Social media can go away and I would be ok with that. But I can’t live without old episodes of The Office.

Q- What is your best result?

A- My best result is that I no longer need to see a certain number on the scale and I have a healthy idea of what fit looks like for me. I no longer the need to compare myself against others and what they look like or what they can do. I also celebrate 7 years of sobriety this February.

Thanks for answering all of our questions, Tiff! You are part of what makes KCF such an awesome place to be!