“12 Weeks, Now What?”

By May 29, 2019 April 12th, 2020 No Comments

Everyone’s fitness journey is different. Some people do CrossFit, others pick up kickboxing. It all depends on how we get ourselves off the couch and doing what is good for us. But one they all end at the same point; the twelve week mark. The first twelve weeks of our fitness journey is definitely the “honeymoon stage” Everything is shiny and new. The lingo is different, the movements are cool and the results are there. We all love the first twelve weeks.

Something happens shortly after the first three months, the results begin to slow. When the results slow down, it can be hard to stay motivated. We may not want to go to the gym, we make want to have ice cream for dinner every night. Rest assured, these feelings are completely normal. Even though they are normal, it doesn’t mean that we have to fall into that trap. There are a few simple things you can do to battle the after twelve week hangover. A small tweak to your diet can go a long way to changing your habits. As well as changing up your workout routine. The biggest possible change is focus on activity outside of the gym.

The small things that you change in your diet can lead to some big changes in results. There is no doubt during your first three months you looked up every Paleo cookbook out there. Even when you are eating healthy there are still things you can dial in. Take a look at your poritions. The amount of food you eat is a huge part of your success. You might eat the best things possible but if you are eating too much, it still creates an issue. There is too much of a good thing. Pay attention to portions. The amount you workout and when is another key to success.

Working out over the first twelve weeks is super fun and different. After that it might seem like something that has become work. That is definitely not fun. There are a couple quick things you can do to change up your workout. You can switch up the time of day you workout. Try working out in the more in the morning versus the afternoon. This will change your perspective a bunch. You can also add in a different type of fitness now and then. May be you CrossFit on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and hit up kick boxing on Saturday morning instead of another CrossFit day. Varying up your intensity is a big piece of the puzzle. Getting out of the gym is so helpful as well.

GET YOUR BUTT OFF THE COUCH MORE! There, now that is out in the open. The biggest key to any success in seeing results, is being more active. It might be cleaning your garage or going for a hike. Whatever it is, get moving more. Having more activity in your in your life will also make you happier. It is science! MOVE!

The bottom line is that, after twelve weeks is over, keep going. It might be hard to get through the slumps and plateaus. The fact of the matter is that you CAN do it! Small changes can lead to big results!